Preschool: Letters G, K, and L


This week we reviewed a few letters.  My goal for preschool is to learn and recognize the numbers up to 1-20 and know the alphabet.  Goals are important in all area’s of life, and for me they help me gauge progress.  Homeschool goals also help me to stay focused on what needs to be finished […]

Five Quick And Frugal Floor Cleaning Products


 Over the years I have used five quick and frugal floor cleaning products.  They were quick because they did not take long to use and dried fast, and they were frugal because I bought them in bulk or used good old water. Floor cleaning products can be expensive over time.  It is important when choosing […]

Quick And Easy Chicken Fajitas


Christmas is over and the WHOLE house is a mess.  The last thing on my mind last night was cooking a huge meal.  We had snacked all day on the various cookies, breads and candy that family had brought to us on Christmas.  Quick, easy, and healthy meals are important right now for this busy […]

Dumpling Soup Crafts For Kids


       I am really excited to be a part of the December Family Book Club.  This has been such a fun project and it involved two of my favorite things….kids and books.  For our book we had to read “Dumpling Soup”, and create a craft for our table from the book.    […]

Quick And Easy Holiday Appetizers


The holidays bring such a rush.  Just the other day I had to make an appetizer for our scout troop.  Between all of my other obligations there was just no time for any detail.  Solution:  make a quick and easy holiday appetizer.             My old trusty, recipe was pulled out of my […]