Managing A Home And Homeschooling…It Can Be Done

Sometimes trying to run the house, homeschool, do the errands, cook the dinner and keep the kids safe is extremely overwhelming.  We all know that having a quick, solid plan is the roadmap to success. Even the best homeschool moms who plan out every detail know that there is no quick fix. Why? Implentation. That […]

5 Ways To Homeschool When You Quit The Lesson Plan

Planning is great. Matter of fact I plan almost everything. Being prepared is very important, but so is being flexible.  Sometimes as parents we have a vision, but our children do not have the same vision. They quickly go a different direction and off the course of the plan. For a mom like me that […]

A Quick Guide To Surviving A Tantrum

All children have tantrums. I think we get that, but when do they stop?  They stop when we stop allowing them. But you say, “I don’t allow them, and they still do not stop”. I get that. I really do.  My third child is a DAILY tantrum thrower. I’m not sure that I have ever allowed […]

Number Two Timesaver For Moms

**This post contains affilliate links**   I am not an overly scheduled person, but I do think it helps to have one.  It helps as a guide so our activities, work and school do not get behind. Schedules are the number two quick timesavers for moms in my book. No, I don’t watch the clock, […]

10 Quick Ways To Homeschool Through The Winter

Is winter rough on everyone, or just me?  I really require lots of sunshine and light, but this year we are not getting it. What we are getting is a lot of rain. This has somewhat put a damper on our homeschool because it is so gloomy who feels like doing anything?  Not me. That […]