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My Accountability Goals For 5/18-5/22


I am trying to get back into my accountability.   Where did I lose it?  I have no idea.  No, I don’t think that my to do list should be done before my homeschool hours with kids….but when does it get done?  Lately I have been suffering from lack of time management. Really. I am not […]

Facebook Q&A: Why Green Cleaning Is Important


In a previous post I have mentioned that ecloth is hosting a Q&A session with me on floor cleaning.  There have been some great questions, but this week someone wanted to know why green cleaning is important.  Why would anyone use just water to clean floors? Well, that is an easy answer to me….water is […]

Preschool: Letter Y


This week we worked on letter Y.  I try to use several different methods to keep it fun and interesting. K learns best with encouragement, play and repetition. He is actually responding well to a method of writing, seeing, hearing. So, that is what we do everyday in that order.  Well. Not. Every. Day. Somedays it is […]

Facebook Q&A: How To Clean Floors


I am so excited!  In May I will be answering a Q&A session for e-cloth on “How To Clean Floors“.  It may seem very basic, but there is a trick to it.  Especially if you have hardwood floors and want them  to be shiny with no streaks.   No, I am not going to tell […]

Preschool: Letter W


This week and last we have been working on letter w in preschool.  I had to correct a few things with my preschooler because for awhile he just was having trouble.  Homeschooling has really helped me to hone in on HOW my children learn. Not so much what they learn, but that it sticks.  I […]