Teaching Your Kids To Be Thankful: Week #1

Kindles, Galaxy, Iphone, Ipad, Playstation 4, Netflix , TV and radio are all sources of entertainment for us and our children.  There are probably many others that I am missing but those are the ones that come to my mind. Only because we have them in our household.  Is it a problem when kids EXPECT […]

Tips For Surviving With Kids In Public

As a general rule we eat out in a nice restaurant (Steak “n”Shake) a couple times a month.  We usually catch the children eat free with adult meal sales that most restaurants run on their slow nights. Chili’s is where we eat on Tues. nights because of the same deal.  Not every week, but like […]

How To Set Homeschool Goals

Goal setting is something that I do on a regular basis.  It really helps me to stay focused on my tasks and what needs to be done.  I set goals for cleaning, laundry, and my business with Avon.  When I plan out our homeschool plans my goals for each child may vary.  But at the end of the week no […]

Why Paying Off Our Home Mortgage Is Important


We have a rental home that we are fixing up to sell. It was my home before we were married and we decided to rent it out. Bad idea. I mean if you like renting to people that is fine, but in general I have found they do not take care of the property. The […]

Preschool: Letters G, K, and L


This week we reviewed a few letters.  My goal for preschool is to learn and recognize the numbers up to 1-20 and know the alphabet.  Goals are important in all area’s of life, and for me they help me gauge progress.  Homeschool goals also help me to stay focused on what needs to be finished […]