Using Cloth Diapers On Babies


My fourth child is the second child that I have used cloth diapers on.  I did not use them, and I wish I would have on my first two.  I came about using cloth diapers by reading of someone else using them on their blog. In my mind they were something that was used when […]

Homeschooling In The Summer


In the summer schedule I have an hour a day reserved for our learning time. Do I intend to homeschool all summer?  No.  Is there a definite break? Yes. Learning happens all of the time.  Not just when it is scheduled. Homeschooling in the summer is really relaxed.  It is more of a review for us so […]

Cheap Ideas For Summer Fun With Boys


Every summer we participate in the summer reading program at the library.  I did it as a child and make sure that my children have the same opportunity.  Finding cheap ideas for summer can be challenging, but for boys it is more challenging.  Mine are not that interested in crafts. That eliminates alot of activities. […]

Weekly Action Plan 6/1/15-6/7/15


This week is the first week of our summer vacation! I am so excited except for the weather.  It was 60 degrees today, and why that is bad because yesterday it was 85 degrees.  When summer hits my heart is at the pool with my kids, or outside playing. When it is cold then we […]

Preschool: Letter Z


Ko and I finished up our last week of letter Z.  Preschool for him only lasts 30 min. of focused time, but any chance that I get through the day to use a learning experience I jump on it. At homeschool convention this year I bought some placemats.  What better way to start dinner conversation?  […]