Preschool: Letter W


This week and last we have been working on letter w in preschool.  I had to correct a few things with my preschooler because for awhile he just was having trouble.  Homeschooling has really helped me to hone in on HOW my children learn. Not so much what they learn, but that it sticks.  I […]

How To Save Money Recycling


Earth day is April 22. It is not a huge holiday to some, but to alot of people this day is very important. That is why I found it important to write a post on saving money (my favorite thing to do) and recycling (my second favorite thing to do).     Recycling items can […]

What I Learned At The Cincinnati Homeschool Conference


This past weekend was the event that my entire family looks forward to…..Homeschool Convention! I know it is crazy but every year when it gets close we all get super excited.  For my husband and I, we love the classes and picking out curriculum, and the kids love the food, hotel room, freedom, lack of schedule […]

Quick Morning Routines And Why They Work


If I can give one piece of advice…for the rest of your life have a morning routine.  Make it the same thing over and over.  Repitition builds security and sanity.  If you do the same four things each morning you will feel much more in control of your day. If you use the excuse “I […]

How To Clean Floors By Hand

How To Clean Your Floors By Hand

 Cleaning floors by hand is probably a chore of the past. But, I still clean mine by hand.  Not all the time only once a year.  Even though we have mops, every kind of mop thought of to make the job easier nothing gets ground in dirt better than hand cleaning with a brush. Mops […]