Quick Baked Spaghetti


Last night I made one of our favorite dishes that every frugal mom should love. Quick Baked Spaghetti is super easy and I’m sure that everyone has their own version. I’m really good at trying a new recipe then the next time creating my way. Whenever we are going to need a quick meal before […]

Homeschooling Multiple Ages Of Boys: Part 1 Of 4


We are now going into our second week of homeschool.  I survived. This mom has four boys, ages 17 years -18 months, and yes….they are busy. Active. Inquisitive. As some would say “All boy”. Our homeschool room has a trampoline, sit and spin, and is located next to the playroom. One of our chairs used […]

10 Ways To Teach Appreciation To Children


Does this generation even know what it is like to have nothing?  That thought has crossed my mind a lot. As my children and I watch TV all I hear is “Mommy can I have that”? My first assumption was that as a mom I have missed something. Sometimes it seems that there is no […]

How To Have A Successful Year Homeschooling


Our first day of homeschooling started last week.  Just to admit really quick…I am a procrastinator.  Getting everything prepared the week before, or even the day before would be great for me. But. It doesn’t happen. Matter of fact, it has never happened. As far back as I can remember there have been people telling […]

5 Ways To Teach Your Teens About A Budget


This last weekend we spent some time school shopping. It is still summer and we have a lot of our summer clothes so back to school shopping for clothes is very minimal.  I choose to wait for a sale in the fall to get winter clothes that they may not have from the previous year. […]