Training Your Teen To Be Thankful

Do you get the eye roll or glazed stare when talking to your teen about being grateful? I do. Although, now I notice it a lot quicker than I used to notice. Gratefulness is a choice. It is something that we are brought up with…reminded of whenever the opportunity arises. Gratefulness is a “thank you” […]

10 Quick Games To Play With Your Kids

Kids thrive on attention, attention, and attention. No, it does not make them spoiled, but in essence gives them a greater grasp on adult interaction, increases their vocabulary and creates a bond that cannot be replaced. Kids learn so much from games and puzzles. They are really great teaching tools. If you homeschool like we […]

Fall Clothing Switch Strategies

I started switching clothes over the first of October. In Indiana the weather is sooo unpredictable that I knew better than to put every pair of shorts away in the bins. There would be one more bout of warm weather. The problem with that process in the last few years has been that we have […]

10 Quick Ways To Save Money On Halloween

Admittedly, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I’m really not the kind of person who likes scary at all. Our Halloween focus is generally focused on fun, pumpkin painting, and candy. Of course trying to save money while having fun is always great! Here are a few ways to save money that I have found: […]

Children And The Death Of a Pet

Lining the flower bed on the side of our home is a somber arrangement of headstones, bearing the names of the pets that have gone on to the great pet playground in the sky. Hermit crabs, hamsters, fish (Oh, the fish! Those beta fish are tricky!), a dog and a few chickens have all lived […]